Boise Swim Club was established by Brad Bolicek and Deb Marria in 2013.  BSC was a seasonal USA Swimming Club team its first year.  It started as a year around team in 2014 and has grown to 65 swimmers.  Deb Marria became sole owner of the team January 2016.  

Head Coach Deb Hill


Coach Deb Marria
Coach Deb Marria

Deb Marria was raised in Boise, graduated from Boise High School and attended college in Seattle.  She graduated from the University of Washington with a Finance degree and received an MBA from Seattle University.  


Deb swam for the Boise YMCA Swim Team for eight years while growing up and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  Her passion for coaching came from the coaches she had during her competitive experiences in sports growing up.  Jim Everett, her YMCA Swim Coach as a young swimmer, was the "one coach" who made the biggest impact on her life.  He gave her the drive to be a positive role model and mentor in her coaching. 


Jim Everett encouraged Deb to be a volunteer coach for the Capital High School Swim Team, her first season of coaching in 1991.  In 1992 she was offered the Head Swim Coach position at Bishop Kelly High School.  This gave her the opportunity to give back to a sport that made such a positive impact on her life, while allowing her the flexibility to raise her 3 children.   


Deb has been the Head Coach at Bishop Kelly for the past 26 years.  One of her team’s biggest accomplishments was the Bishop Kelly Boys winning the overall State Title in 2008, and 4A State Champs in 2015 & 2016.  Bishop Kelly girls and boys were State Champions in 4A in 2017!  In 2004, Deb was named Idaho High School Swimming Coach of the Year.  Deb was the Treasurer for Treasure Valley High School Swimming for 20 years and served on the Board for the Association of Idaho High School Swimming.  Deb is currently a Rules Interpreter for Idaho High School Swimming in District 3 and the Awards Chair for Snake River Swimming.  Deb continues to educate herself and is an ASCA Level 3 coach. 


Her philosophy on coaching has always been to support each swimmer and help them reach the goals they have set for themselves.  She believes that part of being a good coach is to think about what is best for the swimmer.  Mentoring over the character and growth of each swimmer is also an important piece in her coaching.   She truly wants to make an impact on each of their lives.  

BSC Staff

Manager & Coach Stephanie O'Malley
Manager & Coach Stephanie O'Malley

Coach Stephanie grew up swimming in California following in both her Mother and Grandfather's foot steps. Her family owned a competitive athletic camp in the summers, with her grandfather running the football side, as he was a professional coach and scout for the NFL.  Her mother ran the swimming side as a competitive swimmer and coach herself.  Stephanie caught the swimming bug at a very young age. She credits her mother and grandfather with inspiring her to be a coach. 


Stephanie moved to Boise in junior high and swam for the Boise Y through her high school career at Timberline.  Her plan was to join the Coast Guard and become a rescue swimmer, but a diagnosis her senior year with a tether spinal cord forced her to put her swimming aside to pursue other avenues.  


Stephanie returned to the pool to coach Timberline High School under the direction of her high school coach Brad Bolicek.  Brad took Stephanie under his wing and brought her to Boise Swim Club November 2013 as an Assistant Coach. With Brad's departure from BSC in January of 2016, Stephanie stepped into the role lead coach for our Senior Groups as well as taking on a managerial role. 


If Stephanie had to summarize her personal coaching philosophy, she would say "I always do my best to put the human being first, and the athlete second. The rest is up to them.  I will always do my best to help each and every swimmer meet their personal goals by providing them with the tools necessary to get there.  Their success ultimately comes from inside them and what they decide to do in the pool.  It is my job to guide them."


Outside Coaching, Stephanie is with Academic Interventions in the Boise School District BASE program.  She also serves as Diversity and Inclusion Chair and Age Group Zones Chair for Snake River Swimming.   

Coach Jade Samples
Coach Jade Samples

Jade began swimming competitively at the age of 7 for Nampa Swim Team.  Throughout her swimming career she's competed as a top breastroker while also developing a love for IM's. Jade decided to hang up her cap and goggles after high school and pursue her education at Boise State University where she earned a Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice.  While attending college Jade taught private swim lessons and begin coaching for Boise Swim Club in April 2015.  She currently works full-time as a Juvenile Probation Officer for Ada County.  Jade has a passion for helping youth achieve their goals both in and out of the pool.  

Coach Kelsey developed a love of swimming at a very young age, beginning her competitive swimming career at the age of 4.  She continued through high school, where she went to CIF-SS for Mater Dei High School on relays
Coach Kelsey Winkler

Coach Kelsey developed a love of swimming at a very young age, beginning her competitive swimming career at the age of 4.  She continued through high school, where she went to CIF-SS for Mater Dei High School on relays and as a sprint freestyler, as well as competing in water polo.  At that time, Coach Kelsey discovered a passion for coaching as well as competing. Over the past 17 years, Coach Kelsey's worked with several age groups and facilities coaching both swimming and water polo. Some of those programs include BREA Aquatics, Flagstaff Lumberjacks, and Northern Arizona University Women's Water Polo.  Currently, Coach Kelsey is the Coordinator of the Aquatics and Safety for Boise State's Campus Recreation and is thrilled to continue her work in recreation and coaching.


Coach Landon Labosky
Coach Landon Labosky
Dry-land Coach Natalie Geffros
Dry-land Coach Natalie Geffros

Head Coach & Owner - Debra Hill

Lead Coach for Platinum & Gold - Stephanie O'Malley

Lead Coach for Silver - Landon Labosky

Lead Coach for Orange -Kelsey Winkler

High School - Kelsey Winkler/Landon Labosky

Lead Coach for Purple & Barracudas - Jade Samples 

Dryland Coach - Natalie Geffros


LEADERSHIP: "Is the ability to lift and inspire."


SEPTEMBER - Integrity


OCT - Teachable Spirit


NOV - Academic Responsibility


DECEMBER -Confidence


JANUARY - Discipline


FEBRUARY -Work Habits 



MARCH - Mental Toughness


APRIL - Pride


MAY -Leadership


JUNE - Teamwork


JULY - Gratitude




SWIMMERS OF THE     MONTH  2017-2018


September - Micah W.

October - Bria E.

Nov.  - Brooklynn N.

December - Timea M.

January - Kate D.



Morning Practices Dates for Platinum and Gold Groups:

T/Th 6:15-7:30am

Saturday 10-12pm


*February - 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 9th, 10th, 20th, 23rd & 27th


Snake River Swimming : 2018 Meet Schedul
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SR Champs Qual Times
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