Announcement!  Temporary Practice Change:
(There is no change to morning practices)
Rec Center Practices June 25-July 19th    
Platinum M T W TH  
  *4:30-7pm *4:30-7pm *4:30-7pm *4:30-7pm  
  ST 3:30pm   ST 3:30pm    
Gold *3:30-5:30pm *3:30-5:30pm *3:30-5:30pm *3:30-5:30pm
High School *3:30-5pm *3:30-5pm *3:30-5pm *3:30-5pm  
Silver #1 *4:30-6pm *4:30-6pm *4:30-6pm *4:30-6pm  
Silver #2 *5:30-7pm *5:30-7pm *5:30-7pm *5:30-7pm  
Orange #1 *3:30-5pm *3:30-5pm *3:30-5pm *3:30-5pm  
Orange #2 *5:30-7pm *5:30-7pm *5:30-7pm *5:30-7pm  
Purple  5:15-6pm 5:15-6pm 5:15-6pm 5:15-6pm  


Welcome to Boise Swim Club (BSC).  Our website will provide you with information about our team, our mission statement, forms, and calendar of events.  If you have any questions or comments, please contact us on our contact page.


Boise Swim Club teaches the art of swimming utilizing innovative training techniques complete with dryland cross training at the core. BSC uses dry land as a means of developing core strength to prevent injuries. Combining strength training on land and drill work in the water, BSC provides a method for complete training.  This method of cross training yields a better athlete as a whole.  Drill work and fast swimming are the backbone of the water time. Training is a combination of dry land cross training, swimming drills, endurance, and speed training. 



We train at Boise State University Kinesiology Pool. 


It is recommended that swimmers attend as many workouts as possible for maximum improvement.  


     25 minutes - Pre-Swim Stretching & Dryland cross-training.

     45-120 minutes (depending on age group) - Water work-out with stroke development


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 

Barracudas        6:45-7:15pm M & W only (Lesson format in diving well) 

Purple Group     5-6:25pm (10 & under) 

Orange Group    5-6:30pm (10-13) Orange #2 - 6-7:30pm

High School       6-7:30pm

Silver Group      5-6:45pm (13 & up) Silver #2 - 6-7:30pm

Gold Group        5-7pm (13 & up with requirements)

Platinum Group  5-7:30pm (13 & up with requirements)

*Additional practices for Gold and Platinum at the BSU Rec Center Pool- 

-Saturday 10:30-12pm 

*Optional Wednesday & Friday at the BSU Rec Center 6:30-7:30am (Summer)

*Optional Tuesday & Thursday long course at West YMCA 6:45-7:45am (Summer)


Swimmers of all ages are welcome to join Boise Swim Club.  Swimmers will be evaluated on an individual basis.  Swimmers must know the 2 basic strokes (freestyle, back) Must be able to swim 25 yards without stopping and be able to breath to the side in freestyle. 



All swimmers are required to have a team swimsuit, cap, water bottle, and fins.  See Group Placement Requirements for specific equipment needed for each group. 


Swim Meets 

BSC participates in swim meets and we encourage each swimmer to compete, although it is not a requirement.



Each swimmer is asked to raise $150/year.  A $12 fundraising fee ($15 for Platinum) will be added to your monthly invoice if you choose not to participate in our fundraisers. Each swimmer is also required to participate in our Fall Frenzy Meet in September.   If unable to attend or volunteer, a fee of $25 will be charged.    


*Go to Registration and Gear Form Tab for Fees and Registration Forms



LEADERSHIP: "Is the ability to lift and inspire."


SEPTEMBER - Integrity


OCT - Teachable Spirit


NOV - Academic Responsibility


DECEMBER -Confidence


JANUARY - Discipline


FEBRUARY -Work Habits 



MARCH - Mental Toughness


APRIL - Pride


MAY -Leadership


JUNE - Teamwork


JULY - Gratitude




SWIMMERS OF THE     MONTH  2017-2018


September - Micah W.

October - Bria E.

Nov.  - Brooklynn N.

December - Timea M.

January - Kate D.

February - Gabriela M.  

March - Evan J.

April - Callen T.

May - Morgan D.

June - Salma L.  



Silver, Gold & Platinum


W/F 6:30-7:30am

*July 6th, 11th, 13th, & 18th, 25th & 27th


Silver, Gold & Platinum

Tues/Thurs morning  

Long Course West Y


*July 3rd, 10th, 12th, 17th, 19th, 24th & 26th


Gold & Platinum

Saturday at the BSU

Rec. Center 10:30-12pm

*July 14th   




*July 2nd, 9th, 11th, 14th, 16th, 18th, 23rd, 25th, 28th 


      Important Forms 

2018 Goals Form
Goals BSC 2018.docx
Microsoft Word Document 77.5 KB


July 8-9th Boise
2018 BYTreasureValleyLCM (final).pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 564.5 KB
July 20-22nd Twin Falls, Idaho
2018 Snake River Swimming Championship I
Adobe Acrobat Document 190.0 KB


BSC Meet Schedule 2018.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 31.6 KB
Snake River Swimming : 2018 Meet Schedul
Adobe Acrobat Document 300.2 KB

Meet Results

Meet Results-Summer Splash 2018 Sanctio
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 24.6 KB

Qualifying Times

SR Champs Qual Times
Winter:Summer Champs Qual times.pdf
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