BSC Swimmers in the pool!
BSC Swimmers in the pool!

Year Round Team



Welcome to Boise Swim Club (BSC).  Our website will provide you with information about our team, our mission statement, forms, and calendar of events.  If you have any questions or comments, please contact us on our contact page.


Boise Swim Club teaches the art of swimming utilizing innovative training techniques complete with dryland cross training at the core. Combining strength training on land and drill work in the water, BSC provides a method for complete training.


Boise Swim Club (BSC) focuses on individual abilities and creates a specialty program that causes dramatic athletic improvements.  BSC uses dryland as a means of developing core strength and preventing injuries.  This method of cross training yields a better athlete as a whole.  Drill work and fast swimming are the backbone of the water time.  Training is a combination of dryland cross training and swimming drills, endurance, and speed training.      



Fall Schedule (thru Nov 5): We train four days per week (Monday, Wednesday - Friday) 5:15PM - 6:45PM at the Boise State University Kinesiology Pool. It is recommended that swimmers attend as many workouts as possible for maximum improvement.  Training is a combination of stretching exercises, dryland cross training, and swimming drills:


     30 minutes - Pre-Swim Stretching & Dryland cross-training and post swimming stretches.

     75 minutes - Water work-out with stroke development


Swimmers of all ages are welcome to join Boise Swim Club.  Swimmers will be evaluated on an individual basis.  Swimmers must know the 2 basic strokes (freestyle, back) and must be able to swim 25 yards without stopping.



All swimmers are required to have a team swimsuit, cap, water bottle, and fins.


Swim Meets 

BSC participates in swim meets and we encourage each swimmer to compete, although it is not a requirement.



Each swimmer will be required to participate in a Team Fundraising activity each year.


Team Fees

Monthly BSC Fees are $100.  Minimum 4-month commitment.


One time Team Joining Fee $25.  USA Swimming Registration fee $59.  


$50 rejoining fee for disruption in membership.



LEADERSHIP: "Is the ability to lift and inspire."

























What does it mean to be a team?
  • Common purpose for working together
  • Respect each other's difference
  • Trust that each person will follow through on commitments
  • Loyalty is vital to gain "trust & respect" 

Team - respect, trust and loyalty for one another


Champions -  inspire their teammates, lead by example and build their character by adversity


Dedication - commitment to yourself and your team


Courage - resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear


Competitor - An opportunity to measure yourself against your potential


Confidence -"No one can make you feel inferior without your concent" ~ Eleanor Roosevelt


Teamwork - The power of "we" is stronger than the power of "me"


Work Habits - "Learn to do things right and then do them right every time" ~ Bob Knight